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Each yarn of a Punto and Filo rug brings together a powerful combination of high technology and respect for the environment, in addition to providing a huge positive impact from a social standpoint. All of this is only possible thanks to the use of the ECONYL® yarn.


Developed by the Italian brand Aquafil - a global leader in the production of synthetic fibers and a pioneer in sustainability in the industry -, it is manufactured with a revolutionary technique that uses nylon products disposed in the oceans and landfills worldwide as a raw material and, more importantly, without losing the quality of the original raw material.

It all starts with the collection of old carpets and fishing nets, with the involvement of NGOs that clean the oceans and countless other partners spread across the planet, forming a chain of immense breadth, committed to removing this waste, avoiding new disposals through the awareness of the population, and also improving the quality of life of the communities that live in the surrounding areas.


The nylon extracted from these residues undergoes an unique process of regeneration. As it is not recycled, but taken to its original state of purity, it has the same traits and properties of a pure nylon and it can be reused infinitely without losing its quality. In other words: when a carpet with ECONYL® yarn is no longer useful, it can return to the reuse chain and be converted into an entirely new product.

To get an idea of its importance for the environment, for every 10,000 tons of ECONYL® yarn produced, the consumption of 70,000 barrels of oil and the emission of 57,000 tons of carbon dioxide, which would be spent on traditional nylon production are avoided. A smart way to care for the planet and have sustainable, high-quality items at home.

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